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If you own a Bike, you will understand the importance of a real-time Bike tracker. Having your PRIDE & JOY fitted with a GPS tracking device is absolutely critical in South Africa's environment.

As you know, replacing your "BABY" is extremely emotional, for it is almost as bad as losing a friend. And losing a bike to some oak merely TAKING it really is not on!!

Bike Spy is a Fully automated vehicle tracking  technology making use of Internet and Satellite vehicle tracking.


Our Bike Spy Tracking services obviously offer all the basic tracking solution features, including:


  • 100% Web-Based & easy of use
  • Detailed customized reports
  • Geo-fencing - No-Go and Preferred Zones
  • Engine Cut in the event of theft
  • Smartphone and Android Tracking
  • Real-time updates every 10 seconds
  • 24 hour vehicle tracking & recording
  • Installations after hours and week-ends
  • Receive SMS Alerts on Alarm and Exception Events
  • Backup Battery built-in to the device
  • Etc..., Etc..., Etc...

So, what makes us so Special? Well, we offer:

  • The first fully automated untended monitoring system!
  • a Completely automated response system, from Vibration sensor to Recovery Response!
  • No Human interaction required!


And the biggest difference?


We let 1000's of Bike Spy's in your area know that your Bike has been stolen instantly!!


That's right! Literally 1000's of Spy's will get an Alert, including the URL and details to track your bike in Real-Time!!



We ALWAYS get our own back!


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